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What is remixsquared?

In short, remixsquared is a place where composers and artists can share their video game music with the world.

Over the years, video games have developed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Today's games involve millions of hours of work, and take years to produce. The music contained in these, as well as older, games is an equal work of art that is often overlooked. Whereas movie soundtracks have been praised for years, until 2005 video game music was largely a curiosity outside Japan. It is only recently that concerts consisting solely of video game music, such as Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy have sold thousands of tickets around the world.

Some games today are even marketed on the strength of their soundtracks' primary composers. For example, Lost Odyssey advertised in its pre-release commercials that its music was composed by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. However, most composers and artists remain underappreciated.

remixsquared exists so that both hobbyists and professionals can post their work and continue to improve it through community input. Anyone can register for free and post songs, and they can review other songs. Most importantly, users may post works in progress, or songs that are not quite ready for final release, so that they may receive feedback on their creations. As songs improve and are released, they can be superceded by newer versions, and listeners can compare songs to older versions to provide feedback. Upon final release, they are then publicized in the song charts, allowing everyone to download and enjoy your work. Songs are not filtered for inclusion by judges; instead, reviews and ratings allow users to decide which songs are of the highest quality. We will never delete songs that could be improved upon, so both well-known and starting-out composers will find remixsquared to be a great place.

A variety of tools are provided to help artists gain maximum exposure for their work and to receive feedback. At remixsquared, artists get:

  • Upload limit of 500MB per song
  • All popular file formats accepted: MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, FLAC, and others
  • 24-bit, 96Khz, and 5.1 surround music all accepted
  • Allow users to listen to MP3 songs in the web browser
  • Track accurate statistics regarding who viewed and downloaded your songs, excluding search robots and other automated scripts
  • Receive an artist profile page listing your songs and musical style
  • Upload multiple versions of songs and track changes
  • Receive ratings and detailed reviews
  • View toplists of users' favorite video game music
  • Huge archive of classic video game music
  • Post music videos of remixes
  • Receive experience points for site activity, and use them to promote your music
  • Share music with your friends and professional colleagues on facebook, twitter, linkedin, and Google Plus
  • Add and search games based on reliable data from the GiantBomb archive
  • Follow what's hot in the community on the daily compiled song charts
  • You own your work - edit descriptions, revise, and permanently remove songs at any time if necessary
  • Lively community forums
  • Enter and vote on compos or organize your own

Registration is free and easy, and provides for unlimited posting. Your songs are posted immediately with no barrier to entry. Join our community today!

Read about what you can post.

Our policy on finances

remixsquared does not make any profits. While it was originally decided that remixsquared would never raise money for any reason, our opinions have evolved in response to recent events and rising costs. Hosting costs are expensive, and as the site grows, it may become necessary to garner funds to support the site's infrastructure. Site administrators are willing to pour their hearts and soul into improving the user experience, but are unable to shoulder a huge financial burden.

We are realistic in our approach to economics. The overriding goal is to produce a site that is the best possible. We are not interested in profiteering, but if we can improve the site to provide artists more exposure without degrading the user experience, then everyone wins. Therefore, if it is determined that such money could be spent wisely, we may seek site improvements, such as hiring a professional graphic designer, or obtaining technical expertise.

If it is decided that raising money is necessary, a notice will be posted here and on the remixsquared forums. Some proposed methods of fundraising may include ads for non-registered users, the ability to purchase experience points (they will still be able to be earned for free), and other possibilities. Since we do not need money at the moment, the exact form any such fundraising would take has yet to be determined.

For now, costs are low enough that no ads or fundraising are necessary. If a change to this policy is ever announced, the following will be true:

  1. Posting songs will always remain free of charge, and artists will never be charged for hosting.
  2. Your songs may not be sold by us to any other site.
  3. Specific songs will not be used in any media advertising campaigns on behalf of remixsquared.
  4. Artists will not be designated as "official artists" in exchange for payment. Likewise, there will never be fundraisers for "official albums."
  5. Should you be dissatisfied with any such change, or disagree with the way money is being spent, we will listen to opinions posted in the forums. If you still disagree, you may delete your songs at any time and cease your participation.

We maintain a public balance sheet detailing how much money we have made or lost, and where the money has been spent. You can view the balance sheet here.

By posting this statement well in advance of any financial actions, we hope to be as clear as possible to all members so that they are not surprised by fundraising, should it become necessary.

Our policy on cliques and judging

remixsquared believes in no judges of any kind. Judges do not screen songs before they are posted, nor do judges rate songs. Songs are reviewed by other members only, and all members have an equal vote. The two grounds for involuntary song removal are copyright violation, and songs that are not related to video games in any way.

We believe it is important to avoid cliques at remixsquared. Members who post threatening or harassing content on our forums, or in song descriptions, may be warned or banned. Members may not criticize newcomers for their participation in any other site or community. Personal attacks are prohibited; use private messages for those if you need to have a discussion with someone.

We do not control music, and we do not believe in creating a "canon" of game music remixes. We have always responded to requests for deletion, no matter the reason. You may revise or delete your songs using the built-in functions at any time.

Our forums are all-inclusive; so long as you are also posting songs at remixsquared, you may discuss any topics related to video remixsquared, including other sites. Except in the case of organized compos, video game remixing is not a competition.

We reply to all E-Mails. If you have any sort of question or complaint, send a personal E-Mail to the administrators using the link at the bottom of every page.

In line with our policy against judges, we will not sponsor "official" albums, blogs, or podcasts. We will not host fundraisers to produce "official" site CDs. Making something "officially sponsored" is a subtle way of adding judging to remixing - and official sponsorships also move dangerously close to the formation of cliques of artists who participate in those projects. Instead, you may spend experience points, which everyone has the opportunity to earn equally through site participation, to promote your works.

Our development philosophy

remixsquared uses a development philosophy known as "extreme programming." Extreme programming works well in environments where there are small teams and little funding is available, which is the case of this site. In extreme programming, developers try to get things working as quickly as possible, and then make incremental improvements.

Extreme programming avoids the "development hell" that sometimes occurs when large releases are planned, because code is not scrapped and rewritten as requirements change during the development process. At remixsquared, we release code when it is working and tested (but not perfect), see how the community reacts, and then make improvements. This is in contrast to many sites that hold off changes until a huge change occurs all at once. We never have "grand reopenings" or major releases. We also never have "beta" versions, because the site is always changing.

The downside of extreme programming is that there could be inconsistency across the site. As one feature is improved, little work has been done to improve another feature - so the pages may look different.

More importantly, it may appear that suggestions are being ignored, because changes are released without one particular suggestion included. With our design philosophy, we work at improving one feature at a time, so chances are that if something isn't included in this release, it will be included in the next release.

Helping out

We are always looking for assistance in making the site the best it can possibly be. If you are interested in helping out, contact us using the E-Mail link at the bottom of the page. In particular, a forum moderator is currently wanted. Contributors will be rewarded with experience points, as well as satisfaction at having provided a service to the community, in exchange for their work.


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