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Experience points

Experience points are earned by remixsquared users through site participation. Posting songs, writing reviews, and hosting compos are a few examples of some things that grant users experience points. Once earned, points may be spent on song promotion. In the future, plans for experience points include website promotion, redemption for merchandise, and the ability to download large numbers of files in one compressed archive.

Users automatically earn experience points every time they do something that is listed in the "things that gain experience" table, or by purchasing them. Points are deducted from a user's total when the user redeems the points for advertising or performs an action that is listed in the "things that lose experience" table.

A list of experience events.

A list of events that have earned you experience or cost you experience can be found at Profiles -> Manage experience points. The list, which is computed nightly, details all of the events which have affected the current experience total. Since downloads or views of songs, which occur frequently, can dominate this list, you may check the "Hide download and view events" to hide those types of events.

Things that gain experience

Event Points
Posted a song 3
Posted a video 4
Lossless file bonus 1
Posted a detailed review 1
Updated your profile 1
Updated your toplist 1
Listed a compo 1
Submitted media to a compo 1
Media submitted to your compo 1
Voted in a compo 3
Media viewed 0.01
Media downloaded 0.01
Media revision bonus 1
User promotion (actual value depends on bid) 0
High-definition file upload bonus 3
Downloaded compressed archive 0
Album viewed. 0.01
Album downloaded. 0.1
Created an album 1
Created a forum post 0.08

In addition to these fixed point categories, a "rating bonus" is awarded based upon the rating of a song when it is downloaded or viewed. The rating of the song is divided by two, and then multiplied by the song view and song download values in the grid above to determine the value of the download and view bonus. If a song has not been rated yet, its rating will be assumed to be 1 for the purposes of this calculation.

Things that lose experience

Event Points
Submitted media to a compo -1
Media withdrawal from your compo -1


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