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Terms of service

Some websites post detailed, 50-page lists of rules and regulations. While the goal of attempting to point out every single possible thing that someone could do wrong is laudable, such agreements don't hold up in court much more often than does common sense. Judges are likely to overrule extensive agreements that impose unreasonable restrictions anyway.

Therefore, the rules for using this site are simple:

  1. The criteria for uploading a song is simple: the song has to be related to a video game in at least some small way - that's it. The influence could be an existing game, an original work, or an imaginary game - as long as the context of the song is a video game. Remixes, direct covers, and originals are all allowed. We do not believe it is the administrators' right to decide which types of video game music are accepted by the community.
  2. Don't upload other people's work. You will be banned if you plagiarize others' compositions and try to pass them off as your own. On the other hand, we are not the copyright police. It isn't our job to search the site to make sure that everything is 100% in compliance all the time; that's your job. If you have a DMCA complaint, then contact us and we'll comply, but remixes are a big part of this site, and the law is murky over the extent to which samples can be used in remixes. Be careful about the legal battle you might be starting with the poster.
  3. Think of other people as people. Some people who use Internet forums like to blast others as if they are robots, rather than being real people behind the screen. They seem to use websites as an excuse to say things they wouldn't say in person to someone else. Don't say something you wouldn't say in person.
  4. Be honest in reviews with constructive criticism. Sugarcoated reviews aren't really helpful to composers. It's important to be honest with your ratings and reviews, as long as what you have to say isn't demeaning.
  5. This site is G-rated. This one is self-explanatory. If you wouldn't say it to your parents, grandparents, kids, or other assorted family members, then don't say it here.

Thanks for your help in keeping things civil. Just follow common sense, and you'll be fine.

Content policy

The following policy governs the rights to works submitted to this site:

  1. You retain complete ownership of works uploaded to this site, but license remixsquared to display the works on its sites, or in any other software applications that may be developed in the future (like an iPhone app, for example). This license extends for duration the works are posted on the site.
  2. You may sell your works, and even the same works uploaded here, at other sites. However, all works uploaded to remixsquared are available here free of charge.
  3. You may delete your works at any time. Deleted works are immediately and permanently removed from remixsquared's collection. remixsquared is the only major video game music site where artists are provided with a "delete" button.
  4. If a company files a Digital Millenium Copyright Act complaint, we will be forced to follow the law, but we will repost works if you counterclaim and the company elects not to sue.
  5. Because we believe artists should have the final say in their content, works posted at remixsquared by artists are not licensed for re-publication. Contact the artist if you would like to re-publish a work.


Media posted on this site is created and owned by its authors.  Contact us
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