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The creators of remixsquared often receive requests for video game music that has not been posted on the site. Most often, requested music includes songs that are not in wide distribution or which are not currently hosted on any other site. The authors have downloaded over 30GB of remixes since 1997, and it came to our attention that some of these songs may be the only copies remaining, with the authors having lost these works in data disasters.

In 2012, we began adding classics to our archive. A classic song is one that is or was freely available on the Internet. Because authors of many classic works have left the community, cannot be definitively identified, or have lost access to these works, classic songs are not associated with a remixsquared username; instead, they appear with a "note" icon that identifies a classic song. Classics are viewable and downloadable in the same way as all other remixsquared songs. Non-free works are not added to remixsquared as classics; only freely-available works are listed.

In the case that an artist discovers his or her work available on remixsquared, classics are available to be claimed by their artists. Artists wishing to claim a work sign up for an account, and then submit a claim form by clicking the "Claim" link next to the song's username. This link is found on the details page of each unclaimed song.

On the claim form, the artist submits a file that proves ownership of the song. Examples of proof include production material, such as individual vocal tracks; links to dated forum posts announcing the song's release; links to a website owned by the artist, and so on. Successfully claimed songs are added to the artist's account, after which the artist may revise them, edit their descriptions, or even delete them altogether. If deleted, songs are never readded. Claiming a song removes the "classic" label from it.

We are continually adding classic works to the site. Given the enormous volume of material, we anticipate the process to last for months.


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