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Ratings and reviews

Reviews are an integral part of remixsquared. Without accurate and detailed reviews, posting newer versions of songs and working with the community to improve is meaningless. Fortunately, it is simple to post detailed reviews on remixsquared, and posting a brief rating is a one-click process.

There are two types of evaluations on remixsquared: ratings and reviews. A rating is a simple value of 1 to 10, indicating how highly a visitor thinks of a particular song. A rating of 1 indicates that the song needs a lot of improvement, while a 10 is a perfect score. Only the very worst and best songs should be rated 1 or 10; most songs should be rated between.

Adding a new review.

A review contains a rating, as well as a subject and some detailed text to accompany it. Reviews are displayed in full below a song, along with a form that allows users to comment on them. Reviews are also calculated when determining the reviewer rank of a particular user. The reviewer rank indicates how the number of songs reviewed by a particular user compares to the number of songs reviewed by other users. Users can create reviews by clicking "Rate and Review" on a song's details page.

Reviews displayed on tabs on a song details page.

Ratings and reviews are averaged and displayed on the song details page and in the song charts and search results. It is possible to sort by rating, and to look at how many ratings were considered in the calculation.

Average ratings in search results.


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