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The song charts

The song charts are where the most popular and highest rated songs are featured. The charts are a good indicator of how well-received a song has been recently, and are sorted (by default) in descending order by songs' scores.


The score of a song is calculated by multiplying its rating by the number of unique views it has received over a certain period of time. For the charts that appear on the front page of the site, the time period is seven (7) days. By clicking on the show full charts button, you can select a different time period over which to view song charts. The change in score between the previous time period and the current period is displayed in parentheses below the current score, and the direction of the change is indicated by an arrow or "equals" icon.

Because only unique views from distinct usernames and IP addresses are used to calculate a song's score, it is not possible for a few people to repeatedly view a song over and over again in an attempt to artificially boost its score. In addition, only one rating per username or IP address is allowed, limiting the potential for abuse.

Song charts

Unlike the Billboard Hot 100 or recording industry charts, a song's release date does not affect its eligibility for inclusion on remixsquared's charts. Score is calculated solely on views and ratings during a specific time period. While most songs will gradually fall off the charts as time passes, it is possible for songs to experience a resurgence in interest at a later time.

Works in progress are not eligible for inclusion in the song charts.

To listen to a playlist containing all the songs listed on the charts in the order you have sorted the chart, click the "Listen in playlist" button.


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