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Release Date 2009-11-23
Posting Time 2009-11-23 8:04pm
Version 1  (Release)
Status Original song
All-Time Rating
  6.62 (52 ratings)

All-Time Unique Views 616
All-Time Unique Downloads 45  (7.31% of viewers)
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2nd Place winner in the Competition Combat that was held November/December 2009!

This song is tailored to the plot synopsis prompt that was given for the competition.  Please read it and follow the description of my vision below to better understand the progression of the song.

Black screen.
Blue streaks of information go horizontally across in time with the music.
The viewer catches one follows it for a short bit until it blows up into a human walking in a city center of some sort.
Other bits of light travel past or blow up.
Catch another beam of light and the view is of the city, lights are traveling about.
At the silence, the camera zooms into a particular building's window.  When the camera zooming in around the frame, blips of light travel through the building according to the music.
Meanwhile, a person is shown from the back walking through a door and towards a telepod.  The pod teleports him and we follow his streak as it zooms off into the distance to space at the hit of the long tone.
The camera looks down on the city, the music cuts back in, and tons of blue streaks start flying around in the air.
Cue violin, our hero is walking through the desert of Arizona.
When the violin cuts, the camera is zoomed out so that the sky is the main feature (though a small hero can still be seen).  When the strings come in, whips of black energy creep into the blue and steadily increase.
Cue the low harp note, where the black cloud is devouring the sky and moving towards the city.
Cue the moving low harp notes.  Camera is shown in the city.  People's streaks are bursting into form and they are pointing to the sky and starting to panic.
As the black moves over the city, people's streaks start malfunctioning, resulting in them appearing midair and dropping to the abyss below, or forming while their streak is in the middle of a solid object, or getting stuck halfway in the transporter when the power cuts off, etc.
Love theme.

Hero's ultimatum.

11/23/09 - V1 published.  Need to work on some of the dynamic levels.


Length: 3:27
Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, 1411 kbps Lossless Download: MP3 (4.3 MB) - WAV (35.0 MB)

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Wow.... well... that was really unusual! Dec 15, 2009 12:03pm  This has got to be the most experimental out of the tracks posted... in terms of writing it's just... bizar...
Very creative and technically impressive. Dec 10, 2009 5:19am  The opening is a bit slow and the liberties that you've taken by creating your song around an intro that m...

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