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Embedding songs

Any song at remixsquared can be embedded into other websites, allowing users of the remote site to listen to the song without browsing to a different page. Embedded songs are displayed in small inline boxes. A working sample is shown below:

The code for this embedding box is the following:

<iframe src="" width="445" height="155" seamless="seamless" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe>

Replace the SONG_NUMBER text with the number of the song that should be displayed in the box. A song's number can be found by viewing the list of uploaded songs in Artists -> Manage songs, toplist, and compos:

Song numbers

Another method of determining the number of a song is to check the URL of any song's details page. The details page URL for the song in the box above is: The number of the song is the first number immediately following /remixes/ (in this example, 25), before the "v" that begins the version number.

These song boxes provide the following features:

  • They always display the latest version of a song, so you can upload newer versions without worrying about other pages being out of date
  • The views, downloads, and ratings statistics are updated every hour
  • Your profile picture is displayed in the upper-right corner of the box
  • If a song is deleted, the statistics are still displayed in the box, with a message stating that the song is no longer available to be played
  • Plays of your song count as song views, which allow artists to track listener interest and gain experience points
  • Users can click the "Download" link to view the song's details page
  • Flash is not required, so these song boxes work on computers without Flash and on Apple products

Forum embedding

Song boxes can also be embedded in forum posts, provided that the administrator of the forum has made a simple change to enable a "BBCode" for song embeds. In vBulletin, BBCodes can be added using the instructions at the following link: We recommend the BBCode [gameremix-song], rather than another code like "[gameremix]" so that there is uniformity across forums and so that future enhancements like a "[gameremix-album]" code can be supported. To configure your forum for embedding, click on Custom BB codes -> Add new BB code, enter gameremix-song in the Tag field, and enter the following code in the Replacement field:

<iframe src="{PARAM}" width="445" height="155" seamless="seamless" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Once enabled, the BBCode for users embedding the song that has been used on this page as an example in the newly set-up forum would be [gameremix-song]25[/gameremix-song].


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