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About Muuurgh

Howdy!  I'm Greg Weaver, writer and composer for [Score.], a VGM composition and review blog.  If you would like to read more about me and my works, I would certainly check out the site.  In the meantime, though...

I first joined this site back in 2009, when I entered the first ever "Composition Combat" tournament and won 2nd place for my work, "Decimation."  That, and the soundtrack to Ice Breakers (which is also uploaded here), were my first forays into composing for the video game music world.

Since then, I have worked on a number of other pieces and continue to bolster my portfolio through my blog.  Soon I will posting here again to experience the new site and meet those who have come along since I left.  I look forward to hearing all of the new works and engaging in friendly competition with you all here again!

And, thanks to all who have left - and will leave - feedback!  Any kind of praise or criticism is very much welcomed.

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Muuurgh's picture

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Real name Gregory Weaver
Location Arlington, VA
Birth date July 27, 1987  (age 32)
Joined November 08, 2009
Song views 3853
Song downloads 200
182 -day Average rating None of Muuurgh's songs have been rated during the past 182 days.
Experience earned 94.24

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#1 WarpToken - Petra Anthem


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