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Works in progress

Works in progress are songs that artists do not consider finished, and which are not ready for final publication. remixsquared supports the uploading of works in progress, so that artists may receive feedback and continually improve their songs.

To upload a work in progress, follow the normal song uploading procedure, and check the "Work in progress" box on the upload page to indicate the song is not quite ready for prime time. Works in progress are displayed differently across the site than standard releases.

Works in progress DO:

  • Receive a new thread in the Works in progress forum, allowing community members to offer feedback
  • Receive ratings like any other song
  • Earn experience points at the same rate as any other song
  • Track song downloads and views
  • Allow tagging and game association
  • Appear in search results, if the user does not specifically exclude them from the results
  • Allow tracking of ratings and reviews across time to see how the song has improved
  • Appear with dotted lines surrounding their listings in search results to indicate their WIP status

Works in progress DO NOT:

  • Appear in the Releases forum
  • Receive a listing in the "New songs" RSS feed
  • Become eligible for listing in the song charts, or appear in the trending songs list
  • Receive a listing in the "latest songs" box
  • Become eligible for song promotions by spending experience points
  • Count against an artist's all-time song rating

In short, releases are announced as widely as possible. Works in progress are announced in a more limited manner, such as in the "works in progress" forum. Artists should expect works in progress to receive fewer views and downloads than releases, but from a more targeted audience specifically interested in helping improve music.

Like other songs, works in progress may be revised at any time. The revised song may be listed as another work in progress, or be listed as a final release, in which case the song will then gain all the benefits of its release status.


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