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"Splatoon - Ink It Up! Opening 2" from Yoshiller's Splatoon Series, "Ink It Up!"

Release Date 2015-08-23
Posting Time 2015-09-08 11:57pm
Version 1  (Release)
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  8.67 (3 ratings)

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As Yoshiller from YouTube would say: Hello, humans!  After meeting "The Guy with the Yoshi Hat!™" at E3 this year, we teamed up to create new intro for his Splatoon video series, "Ink It Up!" including a new opening theme!

This lyrical composition was created using the Roland Fantom FA-06 in conjunction with Cakewalk Express and the Vocaloid3 Editor.  Combining a classic American talk show theme style (maybe) with J-pop inspired by anime, this piece reflects the high energy of Splatoon with the Japanese influences of the game's design.  I wrote lyrics in Japanese to reflect those qualities and had some very famous Vocaloids perform the song.  Yoshiller and I collaborated on the subtitles presentation to give that fansubbed anime vibe.  I hope you all enjoy it!

**********************FEATURED SONGS*********************

Chorus of Calamari County
Main Theme


Teal: Hatsune Miku
Dark Pink: Megurine Luka
Light Yellow: Kagamine Rin
Dark Yellow: Kagamine Len

Pink: Tako Luka (Octopus Luka) as Ika Musume (Squid Girl)



これは縄張り BATTLE です。

☆ でゲソ?! ☆

カラーインクで由果を塗りまして。 頑張れ!

☆ OK! ☆

青、PINK や緑なあ!
どの TEAM が勝つのだろうか?





Anata no buki o erande kudasai.
Kore wa Nawabari BATTLE desu.

☆ De Geso?! ☆

KARA- INKU de yuka o nurimashite. Ganbare!

☆ OK! ☆

Ao, PINK ya midori naa!
Dono TEAM ga katsu nodarou ka?

Anata wa ko da!

Kimi wa ika da!

Saa, ikimashou!


Please choose your weapon.
This is a Turf War (Territory Battle).

☆ De Geso?! ☆

Plaster the floor with coloured ink.  Go for it!

☆ OK! ☆

Blue, pink, and/or green!
Which team will win?

You're a kid!

You're a squid!

Well then, let's go!


Yoshiller is the awesome creator of the "Ink It Up!" series.  Check out his channel here!

Jetz is the talented artist for the custom character artwork.  His works can be seen here!

Splatoon is copyright of Nintendo.


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