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Lunatic Virus ZXtra Stage 2

Release Date 2013-03-19
Posting Time 2013-03-19 4:11pm
Version 2  (Release)
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Mega Man X5
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Mega Man ZX
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Touhou 08 - Imperishable Night
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fl studio 10
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stage theme
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final stage
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bullet hell
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character theme
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reisen udongein inaba
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All-Time Rating
  10.00 (1 rating)

All-Time Unique Views 796
All-Time Unique Downloads 95  (11.93% of viewers)
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It's usually not my kind of thing revising a song so quickly...but after uploading I felt I wasted some potential of the song and got inspired to revise it.

My goal was making it sound less random, so I removed some parts that I found unnecessary. That was a step I didn't dare to do before, because the parts I removed were (and here it gets a bit complicated) essential parts of the original song, a crossover of Invisible Full Moon and Zero Virus Stage 4. I thought I'd leave that in as a reference for long-time fans. So, having that out of the way, you can see this as an alternate version, as the title implies.

So except for removing parts, there are lots of other more or less slight changes I made, sound- and arrangement-wise. I made the ending a little bit longer, added slightly more effects and arranged the retro part a bit more, might sound a little crazy now but I think it works. Finally (what I'm actually really proud of) I managed to "copy" the sound of the original (Snake Eyes) in the beginning a lot better by using filters. Took a while to get that right, but it paid off I'd say.

Yep, to cover everything, the song is a mix of Megaman ZX's Snake Eyes, Touhou 8's Invisible Full Moon and Megaman X5's Zero Virus Stage 4 (Cyber Maze Core).

If you haven't yet, I still encourage you to check out the previous version. It's on par mixing-wise, it's just different.


Length: 4:44
Format: 24-bit, 44.1 kHz, 2116 kbps High-definitionLossless Download: MP3 (6.6 MB) - WAV (71.8 MB)

Song history

(2) 2013-03-19 This version 10.00
(1) 2013-03-17 Lunatic Virus ZXtra Stage 0.00

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