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Twilight Groove

Release Date 2009-12-16
Posting Time 2009-12-16 1:04pm
Version 2  (Release)
Status Original song
All-Time Rating
  5.67 (3 ratings)

All-Time Unique Views 364
All-Time Unique Downloads 22  (6.04% of viewers)
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A tribute from a fan, for the fans!

This time, I remixed the track "Keep it Groovin" from Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis 1991). I always considered streets of rage's sound track as one of the best of all time and this specific track is my favorite of the series. I've attempted a blend of light hip-hop, chillout and groovy music for this remix.

Video version:

Here's the original:


Length: 4:10
Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, 192 kbps Download: MP3 (5.7 MB)

Song history

(2) 2009-12-16 This version 5.67
(1) 2009-12-15 Twilight Groove 0.00

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