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About quintin3265

While I'm the original creator of remixSite, I don't consider myself a musician or composer.  I've played the violin for ten years, but have only rarely composed.

Why create a site like this, then?  Well, I like video game music.  I've been to several live concerts, driving all the way to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and even Grand Rapids for some of them.  I started following the scene when I came across a long-forgotten compo called "Ultima Eternity," which ultimately went under.  In the decade since, I've probably listened to 3,000 remixes, and I've saved every one I've ever downloaded in one directory on my hard drives.  It's amazing to see the progression in technology - in 1999, Impulse Tracker mixes sounded like MIDIs, where today, mixes like "Bonesaw Overdrive" are difficult to distinguish from live orchestras.

After I add some more features to this site, I'd like to compose some music.  My ideal composition would be to start with the Main Theme from Lost Odyssey, slow it down slightly, and add electric guitars like the Black Mages' version of Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI.  The original version of the Lost Odyssey theme is great, but it needs more variety than the simple eight-note melody.  I would also make heavier use of the harmonic minor that is present to a limited degree in the original version.

The best video game song ever written is Hepatica #3 - I Believe In You, by Yuki Kajiura.  Anyone who is a fan of game music should listen to this song for inspiration.  Those who don't know what game music is all about should also listen to remove any preconceived notions that game music is about beeps and blips.

Feel free to E-mail me about anything at

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Real name Steve Sokolowski
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