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Songs at remixsquared are associated with tags. A tag is a short description that describes a characteristic of a song. Tags are divided into categories, such as "genre," "instruments," and "tempo." Categories for tags change as the community suggests new categories.

Tags are added and removed from songs by artists. Artists may elect to add as many tags as they like to their songs, so long as they accurately characterize the music. The tagging system is optional; however, songs without tags are likely to see reduced exposure as they will not show up in search results for tags that could have been added to the song.

To search for a specific tag, visit the search page, select a tag category, and type the name of the tag you are looking for. In the image below, a user is searching for all songs from the "rap" genre.

Selecting games for a song.

Users may also find similar music by clicking on a tag box on any song details page. Clicking on a tag redirects to the search page and displays all songs with that tag, as shown in the image below.

Selecting games for a song.

Adding tags to music

To add tags to a song, navigate to the "manage tags and games" page. The page can be reached by highlighting a song in the user control panel, or by navigating to the song's details page and clicking "manage tags and games" from the "artist actions" panel at the top of the page.

For each tag category, type in one or more tags that describe your song. As you type, tags used by other songs are suggested to you. If possible, choosing a tag that already exists in the database will improve your exposure in search results. However, if you feel that no tag in the database accurately describes your song, then you may add a new tag by typing its full name and clicking "Add." An example of a song with tags entered in several categories is shown in the image below.

Selecting games for a song.


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