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Games overview

Each song may be associated with one or more games, which describe the games being remixed. Songs that have no games are referred to as "original works." A song may have one, many, or no games, and each version of a song tracks its games separately.

The Giant Bomb database

At remixsquared, all data on games comes from Giant Bomb. GiantBomb is a collection of video game data, including a vast array of information on topics ranging from game titles to character names. Data in the database is contributed by members of the public.

By selecting a game from the Giant Bomb database, game titles and other information are standardized across many remixes. Users can search for specific game titles and view all remixes from those games. In addition, other data from those games can be displayed on the site, such as an image from the game or the game's release date.

Data in the Giant Bomb database is refreshed periodically during site maintenence. While the Giant Bomb database is comprehensive, the possibility exists that some remixers may be remixing games that are not present in the database. remixsquared allows the entry of new games into the system simply by typing a game that is not present in the database.

Selecting games for a song

To select games for a song, navigate to the "manage tags and games" page. The page can be reached by highlighting a song in the user control panel, or by navigating to the song's details page and clicking "manage tags and games" from the "artist actions" panel at the top of the page.

To add a game to the song, type its name in the "Games" field. As you type, games from the GiantBomb database are suggested below the text box. Click on a suggestion to add that game. A panel is added to the right of the text box with the game's name and an image from that game.

If the game you are remixing is not present in the GiantBomb database, type its name without clicking on a suggestion, and click "Add." A new game is created in the database, but no game image is available. We recommend visiting Giant Bomb to update their data with the new game and image, so that the information is available when the game data is next updated.

Selecting games for a song.


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