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Viewing albums

Albums allow artists to post collections of their video game music at remixsquared. An album consists of songs and artwork, arranged on one (or several) discs. To view a list of all albums available at remixsquared, select "Browse albums" from the "Albums" menu. A list of albums is displayed, as shown in the first image:


In this list, double-clicking on a row or clicking on the title of an album directs you to a page listing the album's songs. This page is displayed in the second image:

Album details

An album may contain cover art, disc labels, and track images. If the artist has provided these images, they are displayed below the descriptions of the album, disc, or track. To listen to a song in compressed MP3 format, click the "play" icon to the right of the song's title. Videos may be part of albums, but are not available for viewing on the album details pages. To view detailed information about a track, download its highest-quality version, or view a video, click on the track's title link.

Albums may also be downloaded in their entirety. To download an album, click the "Download entire album" button. Downloading albums costs experience points, because a large amount of bandwidth and disk space is necessary to store and update compressed archives of albums. The number of experience points required to download an album is listed to the right of the album's download button, and increases according to the album's size. Users who do not have enough experience points, and users who are not logged in, may not download albums. Generally, posting a review or creating a toplist will grant enough experience points to download a large album.

When an album is updated, time will elapse before the album's download archive is recompiled. During this time, a message is displayed informing users that the album is currently unavailable for download. If this occurs, check back within a day to download the newly updated archive.


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