You can easily get and find by far the most

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You can easily get and find by far the most

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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN Miles Wood Jersey , June 25 (Xinhua) -- Everything Germans hear about Juergen Klinsmann and his work as a football coach in the United States sounds very familiar to them. Things are no different to the time when he was in charge of the German team.

The 49-year old is somebody you either admire or you have your suspicions about. No matter how you see him, Klinsmann does things his way no matter what others think of him. His work is producing positive results which are obvious for all to see at the World Cup. Shortly before the decisive game against Germany, the US team has a good chance of advancing to the next stage.

"He's an emotional leader and a reformer who likes to restructure things Brian Gibbons Jersey ," said the former world class German keeper, Oliver Kahn.

It all fits in with what Klinsmann told the Berlin-based football magazine "Elf Freunde" (Eleven Friends) about his start in the US - his soccer revolution in Stars and Stripes.

"There was a weird pecking order in the team. And a culture of satisfaction with players that thought we're through now and the job is done," commented the German who won the World Cup as a player in 1990.

"Players from European clubs saw themselves as being a cut above the rest Pavel Zacha Jersey , and then came the big names from the Major League Soccer (MLS) and below them the ones playing in Mexico. But players thinking they're big fish in a pond are no good if you are trying to build a team."

He feels he has opened the US-boys' eyes and changed the team's hierarchy - just like he opened the eyes of German footballers by inviting Olympic athletes to talk about their training methods and programs which in comparison to footballers were both far more extensive and intensive.

It all reinforced people's opinion that he was a football coach more concerned with the players' fitness levels that with tactics. Many German former football stars, like Kahn or his old teammate at Bayern Munich Mehmet Scholl who are working in Brazil as TV pundits, say the team are great runners but not so good when it comes to tactics.

Klinsmann's message: Forget about the past - face the future and be a team that dies for each other and go hell for leather.

"The majority of the American players didn't know what it meant to have a professional mindset 24 hours a day. Few knew about the Champions League and what it means to have short breaks and a game every three days."

He does. And he started talking about nutrition and hired specialists for every aspect of the game. He started to look for players around the world - including Germany - having a US background. They didn't like him much for it in his old home country as he picked German players with dual nationality. "Every country does it Cory Schneider Jersey , so we did it too," he said.

"There was no need to start a revolution in the States. We've got time to develop things," pointed out Klinsmann who is pushing for an academy system and a close collaboration between them and the Major League Soccer. "US soccer has developed well in recent years. Things are on the right track."

On his way up he had to face up to strong opposition. People with their own minds are not always liked. Immediately after he left Landon Donovan (32) out of the US World Cup squad Kyle Palmieri Jersey , the well-known journalist Michael Wilbon urged him to resign and leave States.

For Klinsmann, Donovan stood for the past and he wanted to introduce new blood into the team. Klinsmann said it was typical for the US that past successes continued to be honored even though players may be past their peak. As an example he chose the basketball pro Kobe Bryant (35) and his new 50 million dollar contract.

"Why does he get 50 million for the next two years? Does he get that for what he is likely to do for the Lakers in the next two years? No. He gets that for what he has done in the past. That does not make sense to me. Why pay for something that has been done in the past?"

"Young players are exactly what makes the US team so strong," said Piotr Nowak Drew Stafford Jersey , the former Polish captain. He was Klinsmann's assistant for three years and responsible for the US juniors and the Olympic team.

"There is not enough professionalism in US soccer. For instance there is no relegation in the MLS," commented Nowak. "There's still a lot to do in US soccer. Not all seem to be ready for that."

Except that is Juergen Klinsmann.

In the past few years, Twitter has massively grown from a micro blogging service to what it is today. Twitter can be used by millions of people for updating others about their life Adam Henrique Jersey , but it can also be used to know what is happening around the world.

This just shows that Twitter has become part of our lives and is rapidly growing. Being an Internet marketer, you should realize that the power of any medium lies within how many people it’s able to attract, because ultimately your goal is to reach out to your target audience by tapping into the pool of users that gather on such social sites. Exposure for your product utilizes Twitter in these key areas.

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“You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back” is what this approach becomes. So how to you gain followers that are worth it? Your followers want value! Gaining more followers happens when you tweet things people will then want to re-tweet.

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