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Details of Midnight Music

Announced 2010-03-12
Submission Period Closed
2010-03-13 to 2010-04-10
Voting Period Closed
2010-04-10 to 2010-04-24
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Competition Overview

This is a closed community competition (due to the current prizes). The main aim is for everyone to have fun, and get some constructive feedback on their songs. Both original game music and game remixes will be allowed. Depending on the amount of entries of each type, we may have separate prizes for each.

Given that the main goal is to have fun, everyone who enters will receive a prize. Whether you're just getting into writing/remixing music, or are a veteran of the industry, you're more than welcome to compete and give feedback. After all, everyone has to start somewhere.

Original Music

All orignal game music is more than welcome. We have no set theme, so you're encouraged to write your music to whatever theme you feel. Try give a short description of the theme, your inspiration for the song, and maybe any influences or other information. This will help others understand the song a bit better, and will help with the judging.

Remixed Music

For any remixed music, please list the sources as best you can. You don't have to be too specific, just something like "Contra, Mario and Sonic". Feel free to mix in as many or few game songs as you like. You might also like to give a little detail on why you mixed the song like you did, and what you were aiming for.


Songs will be judged by both public votes and judges. As mentioned above, depending on the amount of entries, we may split remixes and original music into separate categories. Prizes will be awarded at the end of voting and judging.



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