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About SonicMixer32

Sup guys I go by the name SonicMixer32/Dj Flangerous. I really like videogame music mainly coming from the classic era of playstation, nintendo & sega. When I started remixing songs it was back in 2010 on youtube, I originaly just posting sonic the hedghog mashups then I finally came back to youtube in 2013. Now I'm currently getting better at sampling and remixing songs in fl studio, I also remix real songs which is the other part of me (Dj Flangerous) from hip hop, alternative rock, trap and some indie. So come check me out!

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Real name Bryan Smith
Birth date August 31, 1997  (age 26)
Joined August 11, 2015
Song views 899
Song downloads 30
182 -day Average rating None of SonicMixer32's songs have been rated during the past 182 days.
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