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About KiddCabbage

When back was a time before was made, it was told. The waves clashed and the blades were on the table. And such was our setting. Why does we ask now? And to what end was? Neither.


Kidd was his name and whilst he brought Cabbage, too. For all to fear. And under the sun was all for done. End. Naught. The world was crossed and to with it was meant. Long strands of golden myth were torn from the heavens and was shouted across for all to know what silence was never. As it was told, screeching from the far edges of the earth, ravaging all in within sight. Cast-iron plates and boars bellowing. Who will death?


Let it be done.

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Real name Jon Peros
Location Boston, MA
Birth date May 27, 1989  (age 33)
Joined November 21, 2009
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