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About Charlee

I'm an electronic artist currently residing in Oakland, CA. Originally from the genres of indie and folk rock, I switched to producing electronic music in late 2008. My first album, Thinking Up Thoughts, was "released" in early 2008 and featured guitar and vocals as the primary instruments. In 2009, I released my second album titled: Moving Down Motions. The album had bits of guitar and vocals but was mainly instrumental. Later that year, I released another album titled: Emulsifying Sounds. Since then, I've has been releasing remixes of songs from popular games such as Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Though some recent songs may be considered electro, the sound can be more accurately described as electronica, the genre for misfit electronic songs, with a hint of 80’s New Wave. All my recorded works are self-produced and edited. Check me out on The Sixty One for new shizzit (that you can d/l):

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Charlee's picture

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Real name Charlee
Location Oakland, CA
Birth date June 06, 1988  (age 33)
Joined April 19, 2010
Song views 4224
Song downloads 265
182 -day Average rating None of Charlee's songs have been rated during the past 182 days.
Experience earned 39.15


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