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Sonic The Heixeddgehog 2 Fully Remixed

Maybe when you was young you used to get out your Sega Genesis or Mega Drive and then possibly get out Sonic 2. Then you would smile at the 16 bits of blast processing while also enjoying the bright colours, Amazing Gameplay and best of all. The Awesome Soundtrack. How about i take it to the next level and give you a remix of the soundtrack?. Now you can enjoy the classic nostalgia in a modern world.


Disc 1

1. Title 
2. Emerald Hill Zone
3. Chemical Plant Zone

4. Aquatic Ruin Zone
5. Casino Night Zone
6. Hill Top Zone
7. Mystic Cave Zone

8. Oil Ocean Zone

9. Metropolis Zone
10. Sky Chase Zone

11. Wing Fortress Zone

12. Death Egg Zone


Disc 2

1. Title (Version 2)
2. Options
3. Invincibility

4. Game Over
5. Special Stage
6. Boss
7. Final Boss

8. Act Clear

9. Super Sonic
10. Ending


Disc 3 - Bonus Disc

1. Emerald Hill Zone (2 - Player)
2. Casino Night Zone (2 Player)
3. Mystic Cave Zone (2 - Player)

4. Results Screen
5. Hidden Palace Zone (Unused)


Note: All production of the Album is produced by The Vidoe Game. This is a fan album and no money will be made from this. I don't own SEGA or Sonic Team and i only made for entertainment purpouses.



Coming Very Shortly.......

This album was just updated.  Check back later to download this album.  Projected cost:

Disc 1

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