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Sharing the Same Sky (Kingdom Hearts)

Sit back, close your eyes, relax and listen as your imagination soars through the sky. Explore the universe of Kingdom Hearts with these two soothing tracks by Rozen. 

The first track goes back to the artist's roots in music: the piano. This arrangement for four hands explores many different textures and ostinatos, often heard in Rozen's orchestrations.

The second track is an orchestral rendition of "Dearly Beloved," in the style of what we've already heard in other arrangements like "May We Meet Again" or "Under Twilit Rain."


  1. Hikari (For Two Pianos)

  2. Sharing the Same Sky (Dearly Beloved)


Music Arranged, Produced and Sequenced by Rozen.

Music by Yoko Shimomura

Artwork by akayashi (


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